Come on, KiDooo! (Where should we go?) Henry yelled. In here, you can hear the sound of the waves, without spend lots of time on traffic. After flying 17 hours from Nuremberg Germany to an island, which located at the northwest side of Pacific East Asia. The sun is shining warmly on Jimmy whose sweating body. He is riding the Road bike chasing the MTB ahead, which Henry is riding, Henry yelled! Leaving Hualien, travelling along the coastline through the Suhua Highway, These two teenage men are about to challenge the world’s biggest Marble Gorge "Taroko". Before that, starting from the hometown of bicycle Taichung. Then, they went to Hehuan Mountain travelled along the way through famous Sun Moon Lake, Alishan, the ancient city, Tainan and Kaohsiung. Both of them enjoyed the Bluefin tuna in Tong Gang, which may be called the biggest distribution center of Bluefin tuna. Next are bright Kenting and abundant farm commodities Taitung. This island adventure may be a little bit crazy but full of enthusiastic. Also, let both of them realized why Taiwan is a treasured island, also called as Formosa. Only because of Henry said, “Come on, KiDooo!” (Where should we go?) So these two teenage men began a more than 1500km adventure by cycling around Taiwan.

Henry has 20 years experience in developing handbags and cases, whlie Jimmy is engaged in sports accessories development. Although their business type is different, however, both of them are interested in each other’s professional area. Henry and Jimmy both born and grow up in Taiwan. They all traveled around the world, due to one important common hobby bind them together, and that is “ passion for cycling”. Every time when Henry arrived Taiwan, you can hear he said: “Come on Kidooo!” Then, it is the traditional Taiwanese meal after meal. Henry, “Come on Kidooo!” Jimmy, “Come on, KiDooo!” Next comes magnificent scenery after scenery. Whether in the mountains, the seaside or in downtown Taipei, people they have meet along the way are always touch their heart, while leaving, people usually asking, “oh, KiDooo!” which is full of human touch. In September 2010, Henry and Jimmy finished their island travel in a warm and cool season in Taiwan, which is based on about men's romance! Two people decided to start another journey of discovery, therefore, we established a professional bicycle brand " KiDooo" and it will be with you on the journey of adventure.